Q: D-1A USAF Flying Trousers


Greetings All,

quick question about these trousers regarding size. What is the general rule of thumb on sizing these to actually wear? I'm seeing larger sizes out there, but how large is needed to wear over normal clothing, like to the snow, etc. I have a sweet N-2A that would go very nicely with a pair of these beauties! I'm a 32 inch waist with 32 inch inseam on jeans.

USAF D-1A.jpg


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If you’re a 32 waist get them in 32, 34 would probably be okay as well. I have several pairs of these, wear a 32” waist in jeans and find that exactly the same size works best. In my experience anything bigger than a 34 would be too big.


They ride real high above the waist. So as long as you don’t have a big gut like me you’ll be fine
Cutting out the carbohydrates will do wonders in that department. Keep them below 20g per day and watch the excess weight drop off.