Purse / change / mobile case


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I paid nowhere near the list price but bearing in mind the incoming...
Kari , don’t buy it. Make it yourself.
John, offer what you can afford.

Last time i do this .....
Thanks but I dont use cash. Cards only ;)
Actually it is not a hard case to DIY. To make it attracting tempting or even arousing, is just to add a lookalike ASAAFF type logo a copy of a Talon slider, a leather zip puller. For true believers to sell. Hmm in PRC that 1,5 E :)/individual buyer and if made in long series maybe 0,1 eC/pc


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Like i said, i put in a cheeky low offer & it was accepted. There’s risk for sure but that is part of the fun. If it turns out good, a lot on here will be running to get one and scant thanks to me for taking the risk so publicly. I could have bought it and kept my mouth shut ;)
Is this one cool, I was thinking maybe the penny sized one but I not sure if I got one too. So I’ll send both if I find it