Prototype Schott?


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Hey Y'all!

I bought a Motorcycle jacket on craigslist tonight. cash exchanged in the dark, looked/felt solid enough, price was right. upon further inspection getting home, and doing some digging, I'm really not sure what I'm looking at here. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Missing the Liner and the Belt, but the wool collar is still intact. I'm guessing its some sort of Schott James Dean Prototype, maybe 60's-70's?



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If you search for James Dean Schott you’ll come up with JD1 and JD2 Schott jackets - neither is identical to yours, so it’s unlikely to be a Schott prototype of the James Dean jacket.
Here’s a link to the Schott limited edition Dean jacket
Also lots of manufacturers made and still make the style you bought so without the lining and the makers label it would have had it’s difficult to state who exactly made it but others here may be able to help? If you join the Schott forum in the link I posted you’ll get a definitive answer as to whether it’s actually a Schott.


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that’s a great looking jacket do the snaps or zipper have any markings? It’s been
My experience with schott that they usually have marking on either the zipper or snaps
Similar to these, zipper is on my 30 year old schott “age according to schott”

or on the snaps like my other schott bomber more current model