Price increase at Eastman Leather


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It doesn’t bother me whether it saw combat or spent 80 years in a box. It’s a WWII jacket in relatively rare, wearable condition. I think it deserves to be treated better than a repro, which I have been known to treat very badly. I don’t believe just because it has no provenance, it can be worn continuously, chucked on the floor or in the boot of the car, scraped against walls or used to do the gardening or change your oil.
Anyway, as I already said, it ain’t going to happen, I won’t be spending the money a jacket like that is likely to cost any time soon.
I agree and I think within a reasonable band of flexibility we’re all saying a similar thing.

Whether it’s £1k, or the best part of, or maybe more on a repro or maybe that elusive minty original or restored origipro, I am very unlikely to be be treating it “badly” though we may all have our own interpretation of what badly is!

I couldn’t look my family in the eye if I spent that sort of money then chucked it in a corner in the pub etc! And the fact is if it’s survived 80 years till I had it and might have been worn by a hero at some point makes it worse, IMHO!

However, what an individual spends their money on and what they do with their purchase is entirely their business.