Pressure mark(?) in jacket, is it fixable? Please help.

Hello, i am a new user. And this will be my first leather jacket. It is vintage. It has this pressure mark on it. Is it fixable? If not, i will not buy it. Please help and excuse my engls. please:) Not my mother language. Thanks in advance...

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if it is from pressure, and not from being touched by a hot object, wetting the area, and massaging and gently pulling it at the edge of the impression should work in getting the impression out. if it is from heat, not much you can do except applying a leather conditioner, ie: vaseline, pecards, etc on the area so that it does not get brittle and crack.


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It’s a vintage jacket. It’s bound to have marks, scuffs, scratches, creases etc. Character like that is part of the reason we like vintage jackets. To be fair I imagine it would fade naturally, it’s probably from storage, and a bit of massage would help. Wouldn’t stop me buying a jacket I liked.