Post Pics of You and Your Bikes


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This is the one I could kick myself for selling.
1992 Harley Davidson FLSTC Heritage Classic .
I sold it around 2006 and regretted it ever since, but I still have some great memories from the days we were together.
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I held on to my dyna for 25 years before parting with it.Poor weather & poor roads caused lack of use ,,plus my advancing years :).

Rory Schultz

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I prefer wearing the old vintage leathers when riding. The jacket is 1940 as are the leather jodhpurs. The WW2 3 buckle Patton boots were my father's he wore when he was on Iwo Jima. He had just traded his Marine issued low ankle boots with a tanker on the transport ship. He said he was so glad he did too, because he said the black sand was a nightmare. Those other guys with the low ankle boots with the canvas leggings were complaining of the sand getting in and cutting blisters on their feet.

Rory Schultz

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I have always wanted to take a cross country venture on my bike....but the drivers in Texas are straight out of their bean and will run you over....or shoot you! Or both!