Post Pics of You and Your Bikes


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Had a 1993 HD Springer with a 21 inch wheel. Loved the bike, but the narrow road surface on the thin 21 inch wheel made the front end do a little wiggle dance every time I went across a bridge with the metal grate. A little concerning until I realized the faster I went, the less the front end wiggled......80 mph who-wee!! problem solved:)


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Yes it’s a 350,,reg certificate just came today,so the bike is undercover for the winter and I will concentrate on getting it up to my standards before it is gently used come springtime,,it looks tiny parked next to the speed triple,,lol


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First bike i owned about 1981 I was too young for a licence had to wait six months to get one, being young and foolish it did not stop me riding it though.
Pre unit severely buggered around with by previous owners.
Mover on year later to a much slower but way more reliable 1957 TRW sidevavle 500 twin with solex carb.
Nothing wrong with a trumpy 650 that is set up right vibration is not that bad, best bike I ever had was a 63 bonnie first of the uiits.


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I really wanted one of the pre 77/78 models with the spoked wheels and drums in the 80s, they where not very common in London at the time they View attachment 31067had they a good reputation for handling and motor.
A beauty,,I saw one in London when I came down to watch Scotland v England & went to see led zeppelin in Earl’s Court,,decided there and then I was getting one,,had it for 6 years then stupidly sold it,I’m holding on to this one for sure .


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They where kind of pricey used in good nick in the 80s like bmws and guzzles.
I never was interested in anything but italian and british bikes.
Liked the laverda SF 750 but never had one.
I was a motorcycle courier on and off in London for around 15 years so I had a lot of jap bikes for work.
CX500s where very popular for their reliability and low running costs, though I prefered the cx custom as the seat was lower, they where pretty top heavy with a high seat for a short arse like me.
When the supply of used started drying up people even started low mileage ones from japan for the courier market.
GT 550s and 750s became popular a better bike in all regards except less reliable after high mileage, riding 9 hours a day you soon start clocking up taxi driver mileage figures.


Laverda 750 SF 1973 (4).jpg
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I brought my morini to a place in London for a service at a shop called wee vee,,I then go lost heading back to Euston for the train home.A motorcycle courier kindly said follow me I will get you there on time ,,,the wildest motorcycle ride I’ve ever had,,,we went past Buckingham Palace like it was the Monaco gran prix ,,,I made the train with minutes to spare ,,,,I can laugh now but it took me to Carlisle before I calmed down :)


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Its alive :cool:
After a long dark winter the beast fired into life first push
It’s a 2015 Honda nc750x a bike that mixes the categories
Of fun and practical, storage, fuel mileage and comfort
The gas tank is actually a trunk, will hold 5 bottles of wine ‘tested’ :D
Supposed to hold a helmet but I added in a dual USB port.