Post Pics of You and Your Bikes


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Yeah for sure! That bike is tall too so it has a catapult effect throwing you to the ground.

Doing pretty well thanks! I go in to the doc on the 18th. I may be starting physical therapy if the bone has fused. If not, surgery.... so I'm hoping for the best.

My girlfriend just got a new Dual sport. My mind wants to go riding but my shoulder disagrees:(
In my younger years I used to race Moto-X . You’d see guys all the time walking around the pits with shoulder slings on from high siding over the bars . Broken collar bones and torn shoulders were always a possibility when racing or jumping the bike .
Hopefully no surgery required.
Best wishes


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Sweet bike .... what brand coat is that?
Had it made to measure by a company in U.K. called claymore,,it’s the voyager jacket ,,far superior to the modern belstaff jacket,,I wouldn’t touch them and certainly wouldn’t ride in one.i have forcefield armour fitted in arms , shoulders & a back protector.great piece of kit .


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Here's a part of my bike collection.

My 1999 Triumph Speed Triple


My 1961 Triumph TR6C project bike. It's a former desert sled.


My old 1970 Triumph TR6R desert sled that I built and sold. Still regret selling it..


And I also have a 1960 BSA A10 Super Rocket that I'm restoring. But I just can't find the time to finish it at the moment..