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Post Pics of You and Your Bikes


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Three on hand..

Unboxed and assembled one today... Reissue Mongoose Supergoose

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Funny thing I just ran across this. Just picked up a "Stranger things" Mongoose repro. I had dozens of BMX bikes as a kid since we were always trading frames, forks, and parts, but I never had a Mongoose even though I really wanted one.

If you are into vintage BMX, I had an Ashtabula in 1977 or 1978. An unbelievable heavy, multi-gusseted piece of steel. By 1979 or 1980 no one wanted something like that (everyone wanted a Red Line, DG, or GT) and I couldn't give that thing away. Today, that is one of the more sought after vintage BMX frames. I can't even remember what I did with it or how I got rid of it. It is funny how things change over time.

The green Schwinn Stingray is an exact copy of the Wheelie Kid's (Mark Mandeville) bike from the intro of On Any Sunday.

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Just saw this. I didn't know you were into motorcycles. I started riding off-road, motocross, and some enduros in 1975 so a little after you, but that early period of motocross in its infancy, with all of the innovation and true factory works bikes was an amazing time to be involved with the sport. The thing I always wanted to try was speedway.
It was a great time for the sport of MotoX.....I remember seeing those guys race at the Pro Moto X series held in Unidilla NY. They had tricked out bikes that we thought were rockets. In fact the 250 CC class factory bikes were only putting out about 35 horwepower to the rear wheel, while the unlimited class 450 Radial Head Maicos and 400 Huskies were putting out around 40 to 45 HP. By todays standards a stock 125 moto cross bike is running about 36 HP. The mono shock suspension systems on todays bikes lets the rider go faster, jump farther and control the bike easier than anything we had back then.


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For you bike fans out there thought I’d post this pic. Taken last week in Rye, Sussex Uk its apparently the only one around, built in 1926 and buried so the Nazis wouldnt find it during WWII France. Totally unrestored its all original, the owner reckoned its worth more than all the other 15-20 modern bikes together, in the parked area there at the time!!! Helmet is from 1942 and the goggles from Russian tank driver of same period.