Post Pics of You and Your Bikes


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You've done flat track races ! Awesome ! :)
I would love to see a race. I find it very impressive.
It seems to me that this discipline doesn't exist in Europe.
I actually started out doing hare scambles and 1/2 mile flat track . Then in about 1968 the Europeans came to the US and brought Moto X with them . We were all amazed at their abilities with a bike . Doing jumps and covering rough ground and whoopty dos with speed and ease . Meanwhile never sitting on the bike but standing on the pegs the entire 45 minute race . We were astounded at guys like Torsten Hallman from Norway on a Husqyarna and Joel Robert and Roger DeCoster riding CZs . We didn’t have anybody that could come close to them . It was a great time and a great learning experience .

Greg Gale

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So after paying monthly scooter rental for over a year I realized that I could have used the money to just buy a bike. So I did. My first manual bike, a 200cc Honda Tiger custom. I have to get used to the clutch and the size but it’s considerably more fun to ride one of these than a scooter :)



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2012 Harley Street Glide with 22K miles. I Bought it new but my riding has slowed down in recent years. Top photo is in the TX hill country near Austin TX. Bottom photo is Galveston TX. The body of water beside me is the Gulf of Mexico. Wearing a leather vest instead of a jacket… hope that counts. Great post with some really fine scooters.