PM,, how to ?


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Yeah..I don't understand it either. Seems they are 'conversations' now instead of 'private' messages (click on 'inbox'). I guess everyone can read them, so what's the point..?? If I wanted members to read it, I would just post it out in the forum. I guess you can 'lock' them , but then no one can respond. I don't see an option to make it private. It was much easier & simple to just PM a member without searching for options to keep it out of public view.


Hi, Guys,

It is a little different and puts a bit more responsibility on the sender but it is easily overcome.

Whenever you begin a conversation it gives 3 options - open to all, locked or without doing anything it is between you and the recipients or recipients.

To start a conversation just left click any member's name and an option box shows up - and it's the same options as above.

Or click your name and start a conversation but entering a part of the recipients name in the send to box - it fills in the name / names and lets you choose.

In some ways I find it a better than the phpbb pm but I also find myself fighting anything new that throws me out of my comfort zone - so much for being wiser as you age:D:D:D