Please help me identify this leather jacket my mom gave me, she got it from her uncle. Fidelity Leathers, style 93316, I think its a cafe-racer style


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I'd love to see some pictures of others if anyone has this same one. I understand Fidelity Leathers was located in Boston and went under around the 80s maybe? I would like to know around what time period this jacket came out (60s? 70s? 80s?). Any info on this jacket or even Fidelity Leathers would be very interesting to me, I have not been able to find anything really on the internet or even a picture of the same jacket. I do understand that these aren't high quality like Schott leather jackets, but it has a lot of sentimental value to me. Thank you
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I've found some ads for Fidelity Leathers from the 1980s into the early/mid 90s. I'll look around some more and see if I can find anything pertaining more directly to your jacket.

(And while people here certainly like the higher-end, higher-quality brands, I think we also tend to have soft spots for jackets that are connected to specific people and stories.)