Platon to stop taking orders...


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I think we should petition Platon for 'one run' of long sizes. Just a special one-off production run.
Tim and I can't be the only ones.
I'd be in too. I'm 6'2'' and need the extra length.

I've said it before but I always used to be a seal man but with a Platon it has to be the russet, it's just off the charts in terms of niceness of shade.


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Just a suggestion guys . Grants jacket was made early on and the exact color of the hide sometimes changes with new hide lots purchased at different periods of time or purchased from different tanneries . You may want to talk to Platon to make sure you’re getting the same type of hide and color match. Not trying to rain on the parade but just trying to suggest what you may have to do to insure a successful purchase. It is a beautiful hide .


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Did you really write that B-man2? ;) :D there's a whole load of us who would love to speak to Platon!! I can't help feeling banning him from here was the ultimate example of cutting ones nose off to spite the face!:D
yep my bad.. .. in retrospect I was feeling overly confident from my last post and thinking that I had something of value to contribute . Obliviously i shit the bed with that one :rolleyes:;)


For my sins (I must have been really bad in a past life), I'm thinking of getting a russet Dubow. Problem is, I'm not crazy about the colour of the knits and thread that Platon uses (although I know they are authentic).

But I also can't quite justify the £350 that it would cost BK to make me a Dubow instead! Pity there is no middleground.

I took on extra duties at work to fund my first BK jacket, which worked great, but.... well a russet Dubow would be nice.