Platon to stop taking orders...


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That's sad news. Pretty pleased how the grains starting to come out in the Platon Dubow, but not so pleased with the bicycle grease on the left collar lining!
All in all, an outstanding repro A-2, regardless of the price.

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goddammit Grant Lie! Lie about the stain... its not from a stupid bicycle.. that's a well earned mark from B-24 Bomb Hoist gear grease! own it man! :p


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Russet is the way to go with these, just look at the colour of Grant's and how it's wearing, it's absolutely beautiful.

Looks like we might have to wait to see some more Platon's in the wild. This doesn't surprise me though, the world has turned to hell in a handbasket and there's no telling how long we'll have to wait to see normality return.

You do have to have a bit of a shake of the head about the absurdity of it all...Platon's closing production due to CV, yet ELC have just released a new clothing "line" with combat pants for over 300 quid a pop.

Funny times we live in right now.

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a real sad development for the smaller outfits [remember when they were called mom and pop shops?] as we have read time and again, these guys rubbing a one, or two man shop are doing so on a thread bare budget. lost jacket? screwed, late material shipment? screwed? whining customers? screwed, etc. I'm afraid that there will be more of these sad developments to come.


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Yeah, this was talked about in the “what’s happening at BK” thread. IMO, you shouldn’t despair of receiving your jacket, Cabbie. This is a good sign, tbh: I’ve seen far too many small-time operators who kept accepting orders as wait times were ballooning, and it never ends well. Best case scenario, you end up with a multi-year wait list. Worst case scenario, it spirals out of control and the customer never receives their purchase. Declining to take on more orders when the supply line is slowing down is a wise move.

And since his company has some relationship to BK, I think he’ll be opening up again.

Oh and that jacket’s aging wonderfully, Grant!
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Everyone on the forum has mentioned ‘patience’. Luckily I now have an A2 to wear while waiting, however Grants fantastic pictures (He gets the lighting exactly right) get the old patience gauges twitching...For Platon to make a statement like this is definitely a good sign. I now hope my jacket isn’t rushed...


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31st July is still quite a bit of notice for those that want one. I think he will be back too and this is just a temporary measure. I suspect that whilst most of the world has been on lockdown and all there is to do beyond watch TV and build scale models, and the wife's dreaded "to do" list is shop online and I suspect the order book has gone mad! And with Greek lockdown stopping manufacture and the supply chain stopping (both assumptions on my part, but feels reasonable), I suspect the whole venture has become somewhat clogged up currently. Now we have the notice on the website I feel a lot more relaxed than I did before and is an example that could be useful for other makers should they need such a mechanism.


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Have to admit I have always gone Seal but am sorely tempted to stray
As has been said by me many times I am a joke at posting pics, so if anyone has a sample of both colours could they maybe post up on a thread, i for one would love to be able to compare em side by side


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Cheers Brett, that’s handy to see but think without seeing the end product side by side it’s a hard call if that makes sense


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Somewhat agree with Edward on this one! Grease marks are like scuffs, they are part of the jacket's character, thats what makes it unique, and your own!!
up to a point...take sweat stains...around the collar or maybe faintly under the arms, they're salty. anywhere else, they're just gross. chain or axle grease, plus. bacon cheeseburger grease, minus.