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Platon Dubow seal?


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I had my concerns about the standard fit but this athletic cut is perfect for me at size 42 (now I normally wear size 40). The sleeves are also not too long either for my short arms.

The horsehide is nice, a touch thinner than the possibly 10-15 years old ELC House A2 I own, sturdy but also pliable. It's unmatched, as you can see from the photos I took, and I bet it'll get really good characters with wear.

First impression: totally worth it. Very excited, and very happy.

Greg Gale

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Brilliant! Fits spot on. Could you please share the measurements as well as your height weight and chest size?

Officer Dibley

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I'm genuinely pleased for y'all. Your faith has been rewarded. I still won't buy one as i already have a couple of great A-2' and i still won't break my personal rule of touching the jacket i buy but i'm glad you are happy with the product.

Whaddawesay ? 12 months til every other maker is out of business ? :D

Or perhaps a repeat of GW where demand will outstrip supply and so a long list of frustrated buyers will stretch out into the end of time ?

As i said in another thread, original A-2's were a relatively cheap jacket back in the day.

Enjoy your jackets in good health as the saying goes. :)

Officer Dibley

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what do you mean by "touching the jacket I buy..."?
I said it earlier in this thread Jeremiah: after years of buying more than 30 jackets, i will now only buy if i can have the actual jacket in my hands. I won't buy off a photo of a jacket or a generic photo of a jacket as is usually the case and how i used to buy. There is so much more to a jacket than appearance. I think it unlikely i will ever buy new again either. Partly cost (even for a Platon !) and partly that despite appearance, i can never quite tell what a jacket will look like once broken in. And to break a jacket in, you have to wear it lots- which you can't do if you have a heap of jackets. Or at least i can't.
My preference, nothing more, and i am sure many have bought and been happy.
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