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Pilot Wings & Watches


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I just got those pilot wings from WWII

Graduation wing issued to Lt. Forrest E. Perry. He was stationed at the Maxwell Field in Alabama for training.



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Cool thread!

Vintage watches ia another hobby of mine. The only "true" pilot watch I have is a vintage 1980ties Poljot Sthurmanskie chronograph. Even though this forum is mostly about US and British gear, I thought I could post some pictures of the Soviet "Breitling". "Sthurmanskie means "Navigator" in Russian. :)

This watch is a nice piece. At 40mm it is a good size, and it has a cool rotating bezel for a second timezone (Zulu time). There are quite a few of them on eBay, however finding one in good condition takes some patience.. The never ex-USSR examples are nothing to lust after, in my opinion... They were never issued to pilots.

movement is a Poljot calibre 3133, which is a version of the Swiss Venus 7730. Quite reliable manual wind movement.