Pictures of David (deeb7)


Here's some pictures of our friend David that I've found in some old posts here. I figured it would be better to get them all in one place. I'm sure theres a few more pictures of him on here somewhere. I'll add them as i find them.



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David had a knack of of looking cool in pretty much anything, although the matador was borderline. I think my favourite is the lamp post shot with the lean.

Ever helpful, always balanced. I miss him.


mindful said:
nogbat said:
great pictures ...
there's a picture of deeb with a b3 mixed patch i saw him in, looked cool in that jacket
I just found this one of Dave in his D-1. Your right though, I also remember seeing a picture of him in his B-3 too.


I think David in his A-1 is the quintessential 'Deeb' image. Love this thread, a fitting honour to his memory here.