Perry Sportswear / A-2 (90th BG Jolly Rogers - 319th BS Asterperious)


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Received this beauty in a grouping a couple days ago, superb Perry Sportswear / A-2 from 90th Bombardment Group - 319th BS “Asterperious”.
The original owner was a B-24 pilot in South-West Pacific during WWII. The jacket is in amazing condition, leather is flawless, knits are genuine and original CONMAR zipper working perfectly, Australian-made patches “Asterperious” on the right chest and “Jolly Rogers” on the left, 5th AAF patch on the left arm.
Here are some pictures to entertain your Sunday. ;)






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The patches are to clean for my liking ,iffy .Never seen a life vest or a parachute harness against them . I would like to see a picture of the pilot wearing it .The reason its so dark in color is because it has been re-dyed ,check inside pockets for original color .

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the "Asty" patch was designed by Lt. Ken Strong who worked for Walt Disney Studios Design as an artist before the war started. those patches alone go for quite a bit of $$$. in 2016 an authentic vintage Atsy patch sold for $1,300.00. This is an incredible find and a size 42 to boot! just WOW!


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Thanks for the comments guys! Yes, def the condition is amazing for its years! My guess is that being in the South-West Pacific Area, the jacket was not worn much, so that helped with its preservation. Here is the rest of the grouping which is also in pristine condition. (Included is the “Asterperious Flies” book from 1944)
P.s. Yes, I would love to have a pic of the pilot wearing his jacket too ;)



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hmmmmm. i would need to see some close ups of the pocket interior,, and stitching before i would say conclusively that the jac is a redye. the area around the collar lining does not apper to have any bled dye, and ditto the zipper. both areas, regardless of how careful a redye was done will show some dye bleeding into them over time.