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This is probably only a problem that I'm lucky enough to have but anyway, I thought I would post a solution I've found for storing my patch collection.

I currently have c. 80 patches framed on the walls of my study, with a further 300+ scattered about in various shoes boxes. I cycle the famed patches every few years but wanted a more secure and permanent home for the collection. This is when I stumbled upon the 100 rnd .50 cal ammo box (or in this case a 900 rnd 5.56mm box which is the same size). It turns out that these are the perfect size to house two stacks of standard sized 5 inch patches and can fit 150+ examples in a box. Obviously oversized and irregular patches don't fit but 80% or so of my collection fits without issue. I was lucky to pick up a near mint box (i.e. no rust), with the cardboard liner still intact and it makes the perfect moth and moisture proof solution.


BTW - this is only about 60% of the total collection.
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Yes - everything you can see in the photo and a lot more that you can't, is all made my me o_O

I worked out I made c.150 patches in 2020 - so there was some modest upside to what was otherwise a thoroughly crap year.
That is an amazing and most impressing collection that you have built for and by yourself!

Do you sell your embroidered patches?