Patch experts, is there a standard?


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I am attempting to design an A-2 as a tribute to my grandfather, who was a B-24 pilot in WWII, I know he would have worn a B-3 but this is for a summer jacket. In any case, I’m wondering which information would be patched on a jacket and if there were set rules for placement?

Here’s the info I’ve been able to gather from the American Air Museum and the 458th BG website:

Lt. Col. (final rank) Frederick Wehrle Wright, was deployed to Horsham St. Faith, England with the 458th Bombardment Group as a part of the Eighth Air Force in WWII. He was shot down as the co-pilot of William Klusmeyer’s 755th Bomb Squadron over Germany in October and sent to Stalag Luft III. He later escaped, although I don’t know how. He didn’t talk about it much and died when I was young.

I would really appreciate your help, I’m very grateful to the people on this forum! Matt



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For example, does the Eighth Air Force insignia always go on the left shoulder? Would the 755th Bomb Squadron Patch go on the left chest? I don’t think there was any art for the 458 (H) Bomb Group. Was it typical to have a USAAF emblem on the right shoulder?


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Other swill have more info on this... However...

An 8th AF patch (embroidered) was sometimes seen on the left shoulder.
Later jackets and re-dyed jackets had the meatball, or USAF roundel hot-stamped on the left shoulder.
I guess shoulder decal or patch would your choice.

Squadron patch always on the left, group (if any) on right. Group patches were not as prevalent as squadron patches.
Leather name tags above squadron patch.

European theatre were mostly printed/ painted or embroidered patches.

Contact Sean Collins of a2jacketpatches who makes some really great patches.

If you can, try and get a copy of The Art of the Flight Jacket.


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Nice! That 755th patch is so sweet, hope I can get one. And I’ll look for the book ASAP — that sounds like a dream book.