Passing the torch...


Hey gents,

As some of you already know, and as many have suspected, I am handing the ownership of this forum over to Nathan.

The reasons for this are many, but I believe that the forum deserves more than I can give it as this point in my life.

When I first "founded" the forum in the early 2000's, it was meant as an alternative to the other sites out there, and one that was not associated with any one maker of leather jackets. That still holds true-we've always remained independent of the makers, to try and give a level playing field for discussion.

However, many things have changed since those early days, and with a family (2 young daughters), a busy career, and a wife with her own busy practice, I simply cannot commit the time needed for the day-to-day operations. Also, I haven't really been an active member here for a while now-simply having to choose where I spend any (little) free time carefully. Any of you with kids I am sure will understand!

I hope to still remain a part of the forum, and will continue to stop by, but the ownership and operation of the forum is no longer mine. I think we've placed it in more than capable hands with Nathan, and that he will do the forum justice. We've spoken about our vision for the forum, and it is clear that he's got its best interest in mind.

I've learned a heck of a lot about our subject matter, myself, and how to deal with issues as they arise. Far harder than it looks! However, I am proud that we've been able to allow self-moderation for the most part for quite a while-over 10 years!

So it's not farewell, but it's a changeover. Thank you all so much for being such a great part of my life.

Be well,



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Well, as sad as that is, most of the guys here will understand and support that move 100%!
I for one appreciate the efforts that have gone into the forum, and thank you for starting it up and keeping it going.
Wishing you all the best with family life, etc. as those things come first.

Hoping you'll still come around and post now and then - thank you again for all the effort over the years.



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Thanks so much for all the time invested over the years. Although I was away for a while myself, as an "early" member I can say it was easy to fall back in when things got to the point that I could devote time to this interest. Spend as much time as you can with those little girls, as it passes by so quick! Jackets are always there, but children grow up so fast!


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I,too, am thankful for this forum. I have enjoyed the fruit of your efforts in the people I've met here, and the learning and appreciation of their talents and expertise. It's all due to your effort. Thanks, again!



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All the best to you Chris. A lot of memories over the years. From the old 20th throughout the several renditions of the VLJ. Quite a journey, heh... ;)


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I can completely understand your decision, Chris. Many thanks for keeping the forum going for all these years!



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Thanks for putting up with all the headaches and making this a great place to learn so much!


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I'd like to chime in with a big hearty 'thank you' to Chris, Bill and everyone else working behind the scenes to keep this forum alive & kicking. Few other forums foster the feeling of brotherhood as well as experienced here, even though oceans quite literally separate many of us; a resounding testament to our leaders and members alike.

And welcome to you too Nathan. Hopefully there's many years of smooth sailing / fair winds ahead, and we promise to be on our best behaviour :lol:


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Jason said:
And welcome to you too Nathan. Hopefully there's many years of smooth sailing / fair winds ahead, and we promise to be on our best behaviour :lol:

:lol: , I mean, of course!


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1000 thanks for aaalllllllllllllllll

VLJ is a part of my life
i'm not very active but everyday i'm here

thanks for your initative, excellent work, aso......

btw : welcome to your succesor