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Paratrooper gloves

Happy Hooligan

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I've started my search for a pair of well made horsehide paratrooper gloves. I like the cut of them and I think they would be very handy to own for work and driving. Most I see though are cowhide. Anyone have experience with the horsehide ones and who all is making and selling them?

Silver Surfer

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basically para-flying gloves are the same as roper gloves, which are available all over the place. most of which sell for well under $40. these roper gloves are usually made of moo or horse, and are unlined same as the para-flying gloves. no you will not get the elc bona fide, or even an aaf stamp on them, but for all intents and purposes they are just about the same as those offered by mil sites, and repro makers.