ORIGINAL WWII BRONCO 29191 TYPE A-2 (759th BS - 459th BG “Th’ Brokan Dollah”)


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Got this relic a while ago, one of a kind BRONCO 29191 Type A-2.

This jacket belonged to an Aerial Gunner assigned to the 759th BS, 459th BG who flew numerous bombing missions over Italy and Austria during WWII aboard the B-24 Liberator “Th' Brokan Dollah”.

This beauty is extensively decorated and in very good condition, knits and zipper have been replaced, lining still in excellent shape but unfortunately the contract label was removed at some point.

On the front bears an Aerial Gunner Wings leather patch embossed ”Jay Rowbarts”

Left chest bears an Italian made hand painted leather incised 759th BS patch.

Right chest bears an Italian made hand painted leather incised 459th BG patch.

Left shoulder bears an Italian made hand painted leather incised 15th Air Force patch (damaged).

Right shoulder bears an incredible Italian made hand painted leather State of Texas Flag with multi-color bead border.

Both epaulets bear Italian made hand painted leather incised Technical Sergeant rank chevrons.

A “Ruptured Duck” pin is fastened through the left collar, and a good luck bell “ITALY” is attached to the neck hook.

On the back of the jacket bears a Texas Long Horn symbol in yellow with 35 bombs (missions) each named for a different target such as Verona, Padua, Bolonga, Vienna, Munich and many others. The 5 bombs in red represent targets over Nazi Germany and Austria. In the center of the bombs is ”Th' Brokan Dollah” and underneath is the B-24 with correct tail insignia and code.

THE BONUS is Rowbarts’ personal wartime diary complete with mission records, wartime action, poetry, stories, dirty jokes, art, musings, stencils, photographs, and much more.

Having that said, here are some pics to start the week entertained... have a good one!

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Gorgeous! I'd be interested to buy if you're ever interested in selling!