Original name tags & patches

Officer Dibley

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Has anyone done a test on several originals to see how thick the name tags & patches were ?

I’m sure ELC’s name tags are too thick but that would seem like something easy to get right. They were official issue after all, or were they ?

BS / BG patches would have been made from either locally produced leather or scraps from something else so might vary but not thicker than A-2 hide. Is that a correct assumption ?



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I'm sure that the leather "discs" for squadron /group patches were part of the CLASS 13 procured kit , along with the leather name tags and the leather rank that was sewn on epaulettes

Officer Dibley

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Thanks matey .
I did what i should have done to start with: looked in McGuire....
This is an issue tag. Non standard seems to have been ok but not sure if acceptance of non standard was given at group, sqn or individual level ...