Original Maker A2, Who Makes Them Now?

Discussion in 'Repros' started by 33-1729, May 22, 2017.

  1. 33-1729

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    Given the feedback thus far, it's remarkable how many original maker reproductions have been made. Who will be the first with a V505?
  2. Ken at Aero Leather

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    I wouldn't hold your breath, the "Made In Australia" on the label looks like a legal deal-breaker unless someone in Oz makes one, even then the cost of the correct trimmings would probably outweigh any prospect of a profit, I doubt if there is much of a market for these.

    We are currently working towards offering all seven Aero contracts as has been our plan for a few years now but making civvy jackets keeps getting in the way!,
    The W535ac16160 is in sampling stage, we've got the labels and correct lining, should be on the site by late summer. That just leaves W535ac21996 and 37-3061 P but we are struggling to keep up with orders for the contracts we are already offering so we'll need to train up a few more machinists on Type A-2s before we go much further.
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  3. 33-1729

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    Great to hear business is doing so well!

    Have received good feedback on the summary chart thus far and found a few updates to make (Cooper repro missing, RMC RW 23380 missing, etc.). Looking for more feedback (current Bronco A.C.-1761 repro?), so when the ALC 16160 comes out I'll post an updated chart.
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    Great news!
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    Ken did you ever think that the repro market would go all the way to making all the different makers versions when you started out . Or did you think that a repro maker would pick a design and stay with it .To me the market has become more sophisticated because of the makers making so many maker A-2 jackets . The spinoff is the buyers have become more knowledgeable ,or is it the other way round buyers wanting the maker to produce more makers . Also has the A2 market in the repro side ever peaked or is it still climbing in sales . You would think that the interest in the A-2 type is very minor knowing most people think it is just a brown jacket if you asked someone .

  6. Ken at Aero Leather

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  7. colekwok

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    London UK
    After hanging around at this place (and the other forums) for a few years, I suspect that there are two main types of A-2 or flight jacket buyers, there are a huge number of fashion followers who acquire an A-2 just because it was a must have in the past few seasons; the other considerably smaller group (like most of us here), are those who just got addicted and keep on buying multiple patterns. I always think that it is a matter of supply and demand, that is why we currently have so many makers. But one thing that frustrates me is, in contrast to the increased number of makers, the average price keeps on going up when you think competition means competitive prices. I had 1.5% pay rise in the past 5years and some makers almost doubled their prices.
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    Berlin, Germany
    33-1729, thank you for the excellent chart!

    As far as I understand, GW is also making the RW 23380 contract and others not listed in the re-manufacturer column of the chart.
    These are not visible on the GW main page and I have not found GW photos of the RW 23380 contract yet, but they are selectable in the GW order form.

    I tried to mark as many as possible.
    Sorry, for any newbie mistakes and questions!

    Here is the full GW A-2 order sheet list:

    A-2 Bronco Mfg. Co.
    A-2 Cooper Sportswear
    A-2 David D. Doniger
    A-2 Dubow 20960 - collar stand
    A-2 Dubow 23379 - stand or no stand
    A-2 Dubow 27798 - simple collar
    A-2 Dubow 1755 - simple collar
    A-2 Cable Raincoat 42-10008-P
    A-2 I. Chapman & Sons
    A-2 Monarch Mfg. Co.
    A-2 Perry Sportswear 16175
    A-2 Perry Sportswear 23377
    A-2 Poughkeepsie
    A-2 Rough Wear W535-AC-18091
    A-2 Rough Wear 42-1401-P
    A-2 Rough Wear W535-AC-23380
    A-2 Rough Wear W535-AC-27752
    A-2 Security Aviation Togs
    A-2 Star Sportswear
    A-2 United Sheeplined
    A-2 Werber Sportswear 1936 (Is that the W535ac9193 contract?)
    A-2 Werber Sportswear 1939 (Is that the W535ac12091 contract?)

    A-2 Werber Sportswear 42-1402-P
    A-2 W535-AC-23383 (Fried-Ostermann)
    A-2 W535-AC-27753 (Cable)
    A-2 42-18246-P (S.H. Knopf)
    A-2 Acme Leather 38-1711-P
    A-2 Aero Leather W535-AC-16160
    A-2 Acme Leather W535-AC-21996
    A-2 Aero Leather 42-18775-P

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  9. 33-1729

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    Thank you for the feedback. Check out http://www.vintageleatherjackets.org/threads/spec-94-3040-jackets-flying-type-a-2.20139/#post-186387 for the updated list.
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    Thank you for the info

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