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ORIGINAL Condor Legion Luftwaffe Leather Flying Jacket!


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I had thought zippers only came into jackets around 1930. Those seem like the design of early 1930s zips on this jacket, and more casually used in the design than an innovation like zippers would have been in the 1920s. I’d be more willing to believe 1950s.

Rory Schultz

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Zippers were invented in 1908 patent in 1909 but the Schott started their use in 1925 for clothing. But leather coats the belief it was in the 1930's.

Rory Schultz

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Well Ron aka Colvinex aka audemas.duval has pulled another mysterious (only he can afford) ( only person in the world with the best connections) (He is the top expert on the Luftwaffe) THOSE ARE HIS WORDS NOT MINE.... LMAO posting of a Private Purchase jacket …..he claims came from Feldwebel Reinhold von der Straten of JG54. He has not answered my email yet about if he had purchased this from the family and has the provenance etc. Here is the Link https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Luftwaffe-German-leather-flight-jacket-REINHOLD-VON-DER-STRATEN-FLIEGERJACKE/223590883966? He is asking 6,950.

But you have to read what ALL he is claiming all down the page in descriptions etc. Now, look at this ad from Feb. 2018 on the German ebay… https://www.ebay.de/itm/132478432162

or PicClick ad saying it was sold Feb 2018 https://picclick.de/Original-Jagdflieger-Lederjacke-Luftwaffe-Hartmann-Jacke-von-JG-54-132478432162.html sold by

850. Euros Either this is another alias that RON is using or he purchased this jacket from a different seller on the German ebay and is making up this story about it being a named WW2 used jacket. They are the same jacket being used again but for a ton more money.
What gall this guy has!!!! When I called him out on it all, his response was priceless....he said that he is the only one
who could afford these jackets and that all of us on here and other forums are just jealous that he finds all these rare items. I am rolling and laughing so hard that I am going to have to wear depends from now on!