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I read somewhere that Chas DiSipio has said he’s seen one with a label, although what was on it is not recorded. Didn’t you have one with an AN inspector’s stamp Grant? The AN-J-3 does fascinate me. It looks for all the world like a military issued jacket, and yet they’ve never got a label. I’m sure one day, what with all these rare early A-2’s popping out of the woodwork, that the mystery will be solved. Great jacket Grant. Only thing that doesn’t do it for me on AN-J-3’s is that huge, 70’s collar.
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Greg Gale

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Grant, that has got to be the coolest looking and most practical flying jacket ever made. The slender, athletic shape as well as the functionality of a G-1, but with the stylish collar of an A-2. Plus some amazing grain and patina. Brilliant!