Original Aero A-2 - 487th FG - pic heavy


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The draw of the money paid by some Japanese buyers is indeed strong but it is one I am personally quite content to resist.

Ken at Aero Leather

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The only way I could think of valuing it might be what members here might pay if it it was offered for sale, however, a real bidding war might push it much higher when hard core collectors are involved. Ken at Aero who is a member here might offer a view and Gary Eastman of ELC has bought a few originals over the years might be worth trying to contact, albeit not sure if he does insurance appraisals but worth a courteous email maybe? Unfortunately insurers don’t value items based on sentimental value though. A bit like classic cars, values fluctuate but keep an eye on eBay too and when you see something take a few screen grabs as a guide that hopefully you’ll never need!!
I can't offer a valuation these days as we rarely check the used market.
During the days when The Thrift Shop would normally have had a couple of dozen A-2s of a similar level often with no end of provenance, we'd have priced this one no more than £400, CBI fetched the highest, the most we ever got for an A-2 in those days was £700 (8th AF documented with full artwork by know artist)
These days as far as can see "similar" A-2s seem to hover between x 5 to x 8 times 1980s prices

If that helps?


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During the 80s, apart from surplus stock, getting hold of an original wartime worn A2 was pretty rare as many veterans were still alive and want to keep hold of them. $2200 in 1989 is around $4500 today and I can still see that is the kind of money a Japanese buyer would pay now.
Agree! if provenance is granted and in good possible wearable condition... even more with artwork or patches ( documented) on it.


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There’s currently a really nice Roughwear on eBay being sold in Florida without this provenance and it’s currently up for $4150!! Sorry didn’t copy the link!!


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Further to my shout above re EBay see page 3 in the Catch 22 remake thread in Books and Films section,!

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Thank you all for your input. I'm pretty new to all this and am quite impressed with the community surrounding vintage leather jackets.

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