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Original(?) 332nd Bomb Squadron 94th Bomb Group A2 jacket for sale


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I found this (original?) A2 flight jacket for sale on a Dutch website. It has a painted squadron patch of the 332nd Bomb squadron with 35 bombs. What do you guys think: is this an original jacket or not? The knits are wrong an so is the zipper (a later model Talon).




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Label? A lot to like about it. Jacket looks good. Whether the art is original is more difficult to verify. The stitching from the LT bars adds weight to it. Goo ghle the name from the name tag and see what websites pop up.


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Replacement knits, zip and lining but the details are consistent with an original United Sheeplined jacket. Second choice would be a Bronco, details of the back-top of jacket would show differences of the two.