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Opinions wanted-Is this BR B-10 too damaged to look good?


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Hi all,

I really want to take the plunge on this Buzz B-10 to wear around, but the damage is a bit off-putting. I have no idea how the nicks and scuffs could have happened, but I think they can be fixed up to an extent and I'm planning on doing that if I buy it.

My father said I'd look like a "homeless welder" but I don't think it's quite that bad. What do you all think; would you wear it?



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The canvas can be 'machine darned' either professionally or by a competent machinist. The cuff can similarly be hand repaired with embroidery thread or wool of the same colour or all the knits can be replaced. Paint marks can be removed by a dry cleaning shop or with proprietary 'stain removers'. Either way it will never look 'brand new' but it will look 'timeworn' and some of us like that look some even pay ELC top dollar for that look. It's all a matter of taste.


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If the price is decent, this one can look like a rugged beaten-up B-10 once repaired. That's not what I personnally would be after, but this can certainly work! Throw in a couple well-aged patches, and you'll have a very original jacket.

Just my two cents, of course :)

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IF YOU HAVE TO ASK THE QUESTION YOU HAVE DOUBTS YOURSELF . My opinion you be better waiting for a better one to come along . This will always bother you and who knows how well the repair quality will turn out .Not to mention the cost ?.



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it depend of the price
well repaired, this could be a cool jacket

the fashion today is to wear denim with a destroyed look (LOL)


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Thanks for your insight everyone, I really appreciate it. Since apparently this run of jackets runs a little big, I think I'm going to pass. If anyone has anything in 34 or 36 please let me know!
Thanks again!