One stubborn panel


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So I bought a used jacket recently that -despite being a somewhat cheap old repro - I really enjoy. It has some awesome texture on the leather and is for the most part a comfortable jacket.

However despite my best efforts, there’s one panel in the front that’s way more stiff than the rest. The problem being that it throws the “balance” of the jacket off a bit because it doesn’t flex the same way the rest of the jacket does.

I realize the prevailing wisdom is to just wear the jacket until it softens, but the rest of the jacket is already pretty pliable so I doubt it will soften evenly if I do.

Is there something I could apply to this specific panel to make it more flexible? I’ve already applied Bick 4 and Huberd’s Shoe Grease to the whole jacket, but this one panel hasn’t shown any reaction at all.


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Work some Pecards or similar sparingly into it in a warm place then work the hide in your hands followed by wearing it to hell and back.