One of a kind M-1a skyline mash co Japan


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Find this while researching on mash co Japan
Diffantly one of a kind modification m-1a back to a b-15 collar

MA-1 flight jacket for the US Air Force intermediate zone, 1st model. The features of the B-15D are inherited from the ICS cord fixing straps (dodd button opening and closing type) provided on both sides, the square wind flap upper end angle, etc. Is the collar knit refurbished to the collar boa a custom made product according to the pilot's taste? 1956 Contract, made by Skyline Clothing. Real thing, the best !!

■ Spec. No .: MIL-J-8279 (USAF)
■ Order No .: AF 33 (602) -7510
■ Contract year: 1956 Year
■ Outer fabric: 100% nylon
■ Interlining (middle material): WOOL 58%, COTTON 42%
■ Pockets: 5 pockets (front / left and right 1, inner / left and right 1, cigarette pocket)
■ Underarm: There is a dot button opening and closing loop (left and right).
■ Zipper: CONMAR (front, cigarette pocket)
■ Contract label: 80% remaining> See image
■ Special note :
・ Collar knit is repaired to mouton (wool brushed).
-Remove the oxygen mask tab.
-There are several places on the collar and hem knit, worm-eaten, and frayed. > See image
■ Size details:
● Size: Large
◇ US Air Force regulation compliant chest circumference: 104-114 cm, US Air Force regulation compliant height: None
[Reference actual measurement value] Width (1/2 chest circumference): 63 cm, Shoulder width: 50 cm, Length (not including knit length): 55.5 cm Sleeve length (excluding knit length): 60 cm
Note) The actual measurement values shown in the above guide may differ slightly depending on the measurement method. Please refer to it as a rough guide.
■ Condition: The best
information is the best class of USED products, but it is the US Air Force actual flight clothing that has been delivered for 60 years. Please note that there may be aged discoloration, small stains, small scratches, small worm-eaten knit parts, small repair marks, stitch detachment, etc. within the range that does not interfere with use and collection.
◇ One-of-a-kind item !!


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Wonder why somebody put a fur collar on an MA-1? The fur collar was deleted from the B-15 in the first place I believe because it interfered with flying helmets. I suspect it might have been done post-service, the replacement looks like a bit of an amateur job, don’t think this was a military modification. I reckon somebody in civilian life fancied a fur collar on a surplus MA-1.


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Yes I found it very odd going against the grain as such shame really as nice jacket otherwise


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Yeah, I wouldn’t trust that at all, the quality of workmanship on that collar looks fairly sketchy. I’d save the bother and just go for a B-15.


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It may be but I would think the sewing on the fur collar wound have damaged the nylon beyond repair
Like you I am not going to be the one to find out