Once in a blue moon...


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I get the urge to knock out a patch or two...

398 600a.jpg

Years ago I would paint the odd A2 and a few patches as and when the fancy took me but rarely get the urge to do so these days. However following the death of a friend earlier this year I wanted to do a patch, based on an original gifted to me from another member of the same crew, to put on one of my jackets as a personal tribute. I prefer my patches to look as though they were knocked out by one, two or three guys in a chilly Quonset / Nissen hut using just the materials at hand and cut from the leather using just scissors on a semi production line basis, no two are ever the same. The incomplete green and one below are enamel and the other two are a mix of enamel and acrylic. Satin matt varnish yet to be applied.


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I think that’s outstanding Steve. I like the idea that they were made using the same materials and tools that were used back in the day. You would have a waiting line of customers, if you ever decided to get back into the hobby. The work is so good, I can’t tell which patch is the original in your photo.