Odd collar flip

Discussion in 'Vintage' started by Grant, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Roughwear

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    It is quite a lot of work just to fix on a fleece collar. Usually when you see mouton or sheepskin attached to an A-2 collar in the War it was sewn on securely. I have never seen a flipped collar like this but guess its the work of a rigger.
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  2. Andrew

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    For a moment I thought it may have been a V505. In many ways it's very similar to my Red Raiders V505 which has similar looking epaulettes and the collar (although right side up) is rather similar in shape too. The pockets, leather and zipper are quite different however.
  3. unclegrumpy

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    I agree about the collar flip being a lot of work. However, over the years I have seen some crazy things done to military items...basically lots of time and effort put into making a mess of them. This looks to me like it was done a long time ago...so long that I suspect the jacket had little or no value when it was done. Clearly someone had an idea for something when they did this.

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