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Not aviation , but need help with "font" size for N-1 Deck Jackets.....


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Anyone know what size the "U.S.N." letter font size was on the WW-2 era Navy N-1 Deck jackets ???? I'm in need of size for the whole title U.S.N. side to side and top to bottom please, if you can help it's much appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Signor


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Hi John
This is taken from my original 2nd pattern N1, original printing
W~7.6cm H~2.6cm
OPs ~ U need Navy color N1 [1st pattern] back font ? Sorry, I don't have the original of that : <
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Geeboo, much thanks for the help, that is what I was looking for, only need the front size thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)