NOS Royal Canadian Navy Submariner Jumpers, sz S and XL, $50 CAD!


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Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the seller.

New old stock Royal Canadian Navy submariner jumpers!
Based on the Royal Navy submariner's jumpers but far rarer.
I think the seller only has sizes S and XL left. S sounds like a 38, and XL sounds like a 46. (loose fit)

New Old Stock
Made in Canada
100% Wool
Genuine Royal Canadian Navy Surplus

And the best part, its only $50CAD. That's what? £30? Outdoor Knitwear charges £77 for their submariner.
Oh, and if your in Canada, no tax and FREE expedited shipping.

sz S:

sz XL:


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Same here. Loving mine. Great quality and such darn good value.
Seller now upped the price to 75CAD.