Non-disco desert CWU-36/P

Discussion in 'Nylon' started by Rutger, May 27, 2018.

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    Browsing ebay for flight jackets, I found this desert tan CWU-36/P that's made of matte desert tan aramid cloth, rather than the shiny disco desert tan aramid generally known up to now.
    Ashland (first contracts) and Valley Apparel (later contracts) are to my limited knowledge the only two desert tan CWU-jacket manufacturers, Valley having produced the disco version just as Ashland did.
    So 2014 may have been the first contract made of the cloth type aramid.

    I'm a bit rusty now on the exact nomenclature, not sure if "nomex" has also been used on tags in the past. As I am browsing yet again I also notice that Valley Apparel has also poduced matte green CWU-36/P 's as well.

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