Nigel Rose - One of The Few


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It is with sadness that I post that Nigel Rose, a Spitfire pilot with 602 Sqn during the Battle of Britain and therefore one of The Few passed away on Sunday aged 99.

There aren't terribly many of these great fellows left now but do spare a thought today for Nigel Rose and what he and his fellow pilots achieved 77 years ago.



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There are now known to be only between 9 and 12 of The Few left, as far as is known. Eight are known to the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, some others are not in contact and may have passed but there is no records for these. Pilot Officer P A Loweth's death was reported today, from no.249 Squadron, flying Hurricanes.
Known survivors of The Few at time of writing are:
Flight Lieutenant William Terence Clark, DFM, 219 Squadron, Blenheims

Wing Commander John Francis Durham Elkington, 1 Squadron, Hurricanes

Wing Commander Paul Caswell Farnes DFM, British, 501 Squadron, Hurricanes

Squadron Leader J. S. Hart 602 Canadian 54, 81 and 602 Squadrons

Flight Lieutenant William Robert Kent Hughes, DFC, AE, 23 Squadron, Blenheims

Flight Lieutenant Maurice Hewlett Mounsdon, 56 Squadron, Hurricanes

Wing Commander Thomas Francis Neil, DFC, AFC, 249 Squadron, Hurricanes

Flight Lieutenant Ronald Henry Smyth, DFC, 111 Squadron, Hurricanes

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Harris Augustus Wellum, DFC, 92 Squadron, Spitfires


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The last living participants of a time and a battle that will remain in the annals history forever.


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Very sadly all the members of The Few I was in contact with are now no longer with us. It really is the end of an era.