Nice to know you can still buy a $200.00 repro for $4500.


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I just sent the seller the following message.

With all due respect I just wanted to advise you that this jacket is not an original WWII issued military A2 jacket but rather a current reproduction jacket patched to look like a WWII A2 jacket . I have collected original military flight jackets for the last 20 years and I can assure you this is not an original jacket made by any WWII contract manufacturer.
Best of luck with your auction.

Now I guess we’ll see if he accepts the information and drops the price or holds out for that “Special Someone”;)

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Yeah, I saw that one when it came up, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The odd thing is that right side chest patch, which looks convincing as vintage patch.


He knows full well it's not worth even $200. He is dishonest. If it's not a original or a GW repo then it's not worth anywhere near his asking price. Even if it's a GW he would get about half that. and its not. When its still for sale this time next year he'll figure it out.