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New USN M-422 Models at Headwind Mfg Co

Thomas Koehle

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OK sorry to be that stupid but I just didn`t get they charged "out of the blue" with estimating the price ...

Like the other guys already pointed out you should get back to customs and claim that the price on the bill is to be charged not nothing else

Well then comes in my mind that there are different rates for different goods you import????


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So I gave a "story" about the origin of the jacket, and I basically burned my bridge of falling back to the original purchase price


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nkang, that jacket is absolutely gorgeous!! Steve did an amazing job again!

As for the customs issue, as pointed out above, they CANNOT charge you for more than the retail price of the item. You should get back there with the invoice or a proof of payment and ask for some money back!!
According to DHL they include the shipping cost in the calculation. I have heard they do the same with USPS packages.
From the DHL site:

The calculation of duties and taxes depends on the assessable value of a dutiable shipment. The assessable value is determined by Customs with the information found on your documentation and physical inspection. Customs utilizes the following information to calculate the duties and taxes you will pay on your shipment:
  • Each commodities' Harmonized System code
  • Each country of manufacture
  • Total cost of the goods (commodities)
  • Total transportation charges (DHL Services)
  • Third-party vendor charges (i.e. brokers, insurance, etc)

I learned this after getting charged a customs fee 200% of the value of the supplies I sent. The supplies were cheap but I sent them express and was charged for the price of the shipping plus the value of the contents.

There are no customs fees for goods coming into the United States unless it is a commercial shipment with a lot of identical items. Wish the rest of the world was the same!



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Here's a re-post of what I wrote in another thread on the best M422 manufacturer. The text and images are duplicate.

While fit pictures are still far away, here are some more photos of the jacket. Notice that the buttons on the collar are smaller than those on the front pockets.

NOS Talon zipper, the jacket from a lower angle, with focus on the beautiful pockets.

The only leather jacket I can use to compare with my W&G M422a with is my AVI G1. Notice the difference in leather. AVI's goatskin is tough and thick yet very soft and pliable, with a chocolate tan (cannot be seen in the lighting below). Meanwhile, my W&G M422a's goatskin from Steve has roughly equal thickness but is stiff and will take time to break in. The tan on the leather is shiny and beautiful, which can be seen from the contrast between the two jackets.

Finally, some more photos of the gorgeous NOS golden fur collar, the unique shine on the leather, and the beautifully made bi-wing design. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures! I absolutely love this jacket!


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Fabulous jacket. Sorry to hear of the customs issue. I hope you can have an adjustment reflecting the actual amount you paid.


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Here in Hamburg, I have never paid any custom fees on leather jackets coming from the US... I always have to pay 19% import tax, though. If you are lucky, then they calculate on the basis of the declared (low) value.

Most of the guys at the customs here know the quality of the stuff they have to calculate for taxes fees. If the declared value is obviously bogus, then they research the internet... So, no wonder that they come up with GW or RMC jackets.

So, here is what I would do... Have a PayPal transaction print with you that shows a reasonable price. Usually, my edited PDFs show roughly 200 USD. If they charge you the declared value, lucky you. If they get suspicious, show them the PayPal print... I never got asked why the sender declared a lower price than what I claim to have paid... If they will, then my answer would be "Don't know, maybe the seller wanted to make an extra profit by keeping the insured value and the shipping low..."

It is kind of a gamble... If greed is involved, than it's more on the buyers' side, not wanting to pay taxes, and less on the customs' side. They just follow the tax law and we Germans are kind of effective when it comes to that...

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