New USN M-422 Models at Headwind Mfg Co


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My Block has a yellow USN stamped on the underside of the collar, a beautiful salmon color liner with and the coolest spec label of all the M422a makers.


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Yeah looks awesome!

Can someone enlighten me and tell what the main differences of the BLOCK compared to other makers was?


I'm quoting Steve Sellers directly here in our email conversation: "The Block has a slightly smaller collar, not as pointed on the ends. The Block also has an extra panel on the side under the sleeves between the front & back panels. The other two have a one piece front panel that wraps around to the back panel."

The details Steve mentioned can be found on Headwind's website.

Thomas Koehle

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Update: i`m really surprised about the splendid customer-service HW performs ...

All my - sometimes maybe stupid - questions have been answered into the latest detail with pics and even more details in the description

For me the way how customers (even if they are only "potential customers" in the beginning) really makes the difference

THX for that to Jay from HW


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Absolutely agree to the above. I have been corresponding more with Steve, but both he and Jay have been a pleasure to 'work' with.


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@Brettafett I agree. He will be very busy as these beautiful jackets and their progress are posted here! I also heard that there's a customer who loved his G&F from Steve so much that he wanted 4-5 more, and I was only the second person to place an order that day when I ordered my W&G.


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Can’t wait for some more pics. Very tempted by a Block. Lovely looking leather in that first pic.


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I stand to be corrected but didn't M442's have more sharp pocket flap corners, those, as nice as they are, look a little too rounded to me from originals I've seen?