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New stencilling idea


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Given the enthusiasm some have for stencilling here is a new subject matter for you, your dressing gown.


Korean war, Japan 1952

Lady Edwina Mountbatten (centre, wearing Red Cross Uniform) listens to unidentified patients having a singalong in a crowded hospital lounge room in Japan.as it plays a single record. One patient is perched on the back of a chair and playing a Gretsch New Yorker guitar as he sings.

Lady Mountbatten is visiting hospitals and other medical facilities in Southeast Asia in her capacity as Superintendent in Chief St John Ambulance Brigade, and Chairman of St John and Red Cross Services Hospitals Welfare Department. Note the lettering embroidered on the pocket of the dressing gown being worn by a patient. It reads 'M.D. U.S.A.'.
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