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Discussion in 'Vintage' started by Tom in Atlanta, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. Tom in Atlanta

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    Hi Guys;
    Seem like it has been ages since I posted here. A few days ago I thrifted what looks to be an issued G1. Unfortunately all identifying information, patches and manufacture labels have been removed. The jacket is a nice thick goat skin in a somewhat lighter shade than the current ones. I'm guessing that the collar is mutton, as it has started to take on a slightly reddish color. It had a round patch on one sleeve and rectangular on the other. The velcro chest patch is still intact. Scoville zipper with "paper clip" pull. I know you can't really tell me much without pics, and I haven't worked out posting pics since the whole Photobucket thing, but does anyone have any guesses about age based on the mutton collar and Scoville zip?
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    There's a few here more versed than me re G1's but as far as I know all G1's were seal brown, yes some earlier M442's are lighter due to fading but the fact your jacket has a Scoville pull with p/clip pull sounds like a 70's G1 when also the collar, tended not to be 'mouton' which is genuine wool (not mutton!) but a man made acrylic, I think. I'm guessing there's no stencilling under the collar but any USN punched into the wind flap?
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    If your jacket has a velcro chest patch it is likely to date from the early 1990s and could be a former issued US Naval G-1 made by Cooper, who were awarded a contract in 1992. Their jackets had the patches as you describe and a paperclip zip puller. G-1s were also made for the civi market by makers such a Cooper, Excelled, Orchard and Avirex. Please try and post some pictures.

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