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New LW Suburban


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That looks like a really good fit on you. Very nice! Lost Worlds jackets do require some punishment to break in but I think you will enjoy the jacket. Wear it in good health!


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lw seems to have upped their game a bit and, yeah a good fit. and, yeah it will require 2 life times to break in. btw, thats a "im way happy" grin ya sporting there, my man.


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Actually it’s a „dammit, have to go to the office but cannot let anyone know that I’d rather go some place else“ grin. :cool:


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LW jackets....Some like em..... Some don’t ...
But they are as close to bullet proof as you can get.
( I like em and yours fit spot on!):)


Looks great in style and fit. You need to have an adventure. Perhaps purposely roll down a rocky hill to get the break in started.