New jacket on the way and CAN'T WAIT for this one!!!


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Sorry guys I had a very long holiday in December and when starting back to work in January my whole household went down with Covid and when we got over that work took over and catching up ever since. I'm wearing the jacket in a pic I posted earlier in the denim thread, but here's one here...
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Sorry to hear about the Covid thing . Glad to see you and the family came thru it ok. The jacket is a gem and the fit is spot on. Nicely Done to you and JC !


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Thanks for the kind words gents. We're fully vaccinated but Covid still wasn't fun, can't imagine what it would have been like without the vaccine, but still, its behind us now.

I love the jacket. Never had a Navy jacket before - I've always been put off by the longer length I'd got it in my head they have. But this is spot on for me. No doubt helped by John's artistry, and I'm very happy.
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Sorry that you guys caught the bug. Glad to hear all of you have recovered and are doing a-okay.
The jacket is a stunner! Leather is a lil on the purple side for me, but the fit is perfect!


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Sorry that you and yours caught the bug, Stanier, and happy you're back to being healthy. With that beauty of a jacket now in hand, the recovery will be all the sweeter. Wear it in good health!