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Yes. Actually we are re-making XMR's jacket. There were some minor manufacturing defects so the jacket is being sold as a factory second. I will post the e-bay link in Buy & Sell. All the jackets are personally inspected by me to insure quality. If there are issues, they are handled before the customer gets the jacket. In this case, due to the unexpected long wait time, we are going ahead and allowing a complete change up on the jacket, using different hide and knit colors for a complete custom build re-make.

This is not a cheap endeavor, and honestly I will be lucky to break even on this jacket, especially at the initial bargain sale price given. But at this point, I feel it is the right thing to do for the customer. I will always do my best to satisfy my customers and I would never, ever burn anyone on a sale. I just wanted to clear the air a bit in regards to delays. I am doing my best to make these jackets with the resources I have to work with. I am committed to making great jackets at affordable prices. This does not leave me a lot of room for reinvesting capital, quite honestly, I believe the jackets are under priced for what you are getting.

I will stay the course and continue building this business. I appreciate all the support I have received from all the leather jacket fans, and the customers that have given me a chance to make them great jackets!
Thanks to you all!!


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ETA? So if we factor in an additional 8 weeks to allow a margin of error for any foreseen or unforseeable manufacturing issues and overseas travel from India this could possibly have it home in time for the holidays?
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