New Capeskin Choices At Headwind Mfg Co

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    Hello all, very excited to announce that we have found a great new supplier for Capeskin! We now have 5 new shades of brown in Capeskin ranging from a light Sand to a dark Chestnut. The Cape is nice and grainy and the colors are a match to a variety of types of vintage jackets I have seen. Here are some sample photos:

    Antique Chestnut:
    Antique Chestnut Capeskin.jpg

    Russet Brown:
    Russet Capeskin.jpg

    Newport Tan:
    Newport Tan.jpeg

    Carmel Brown:
    Carmel Brown.jpeg

    Sand Capeskin.jpg

    We may be able to have more shades made for us as well in the future as we are dealing directly with the tannery that tans the hides. These new hides have presented us with the opportunity to produce a lot of new models of jackets that have been on the back burner. So exciting times indeed at Headwind!

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