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Discussion in 'Repros' started by Tommy, Mar 3, 2018.

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    @ArtificialHorizon I also hesitated when choosing a fur collar. I got a rust and a golden fur sample from Ken and chose the rust version. The golden one is beautiful but I just like the rust better. It's indeed a bit red but I find it a perfect match with the dark green cotton shell. For me personally it's absolutely a pleasure to look at.
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  2. Ken at Aero Leather

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    That probably depends on who made your (modern) A-2?
  3. zoomer

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    Gerbracht Aeronautic Corp.
    Sure is, but for reasons that make it an iffy bet for mfg.

    1. It's very detailed - plenty of tailoring, even tho there's no bi-swing or belts. The proportions of pockets, stitching and such are of nearly A-2 level importance to the look.
    2. It really needs to be Bedford cord, a tough material to get at all, but the right weight and wale count pretty much requires a special order. (The original material was "Jungle Cloth," a hefty, very tight weave with water resistant treatment. Today it is exclusive to a few high-end workwear makers - and they don't make 37Js!)
    3. It's spring weight, but it's got knits, and they really need to be wool to look/feel right. That limits its appeal right there.

    Every maker I speak to tells me the 37J would have to sell for leather jacket prices for these reasons. It's also a 1930s item, with a less than heroic wartime pedigree. They were reissued stateside to flight cadets, and were invariably faded and dingy - a symbol that you hadn't earned your leather yet. The style is well known only in Asia, so well done repros are always in small sizes.

    It is a very handsome piece of clothing if done right, and could be very versatile (say, if water treated, with a button-out tanker lining). But there are so many little reasons not to do it.
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    After the Eastman Anj-4 and the Aero A-2, I said to myself that I have a light and a heavy jacket and shouldn't need anything else. Now it seems that I somehow convinced myself that I have 2 leather jackets and no fabric ones. When I am up in Scotland I might go back to Galashiels to have measurements taken for a B-10. Please don't stop making them before I do!
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    My B-10's been my go-to jacket for 3 months now, I've only been wearing my A-2 one or two times, and nothing else. I can't say enough good things about it!
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    Guildford Surrey UK
    Glad your liking it Cocker

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