New Acme (Aero, Beacon) 21996- Spec-Weight


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Customer Jacket (NFS). This is my new 3 oz., chrome tanned, pigment finished option. This is a completely spec-weight garment. No more of the heavy duty boot/bag leather used in some of our competitors jackets. The hand and drape of this American made leather is perhaps less luxurious than some, but will wrinkle and slightly crease just like originals. The leather has been hand tinted and sealed, from a warm russet to a seal finish.

Jacket includes original NOS Ligne 24 snaps by United Carr, and is fitted with a NOS M-42 Talon Zipper. Also included the now famous "Aero Red" knits.



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Given all the talk in here about chrome tanned, pigment dyed leather and the expressions of support in Dave’s last announcement he should clean up now, and good luck to him, an orderly queue of PayPal account details please!


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I am very glad DD is still in the game. I don't think it would take much tweaking of the business model to have a winner.

That said, I understand the chrome tanning and the pigment finish in the attempt to be more authentic, and I understand the artistic nature of personal preference, but I don't get the hand tinting and sealing of a pigment finished hide. Surely originals were not done in this manner, so it seems like this is another faux finish.

IMHO, it seems like the place that manufactures are falling short is replicating an original for what it is, and I think the success of something like this as a business venture lies here, not in the customization, one-offs, prematurely time worn, or gargantuan turn sizes.

It confounds me as to why someone can't/won't make a faithful reproduction of an original. So many are so close, but fall down in the leather choice. Maybe Headwinds has something here with their new lines of A-2s. Platon is nearly there, and could be so, if he went with a "correct" leather.


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Hola Juanito!
Not disagreeing with you, but I think that part of the problem is that to replicate an A2 using the original processes that were used during the war would almost be too costly, and because of environmental laws regarding those original manufacturing processes, would prohibit any maker from using those techniques. At least that’s what I’ve understood as part of the problem .