Need some help with this one.


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I’ve had this jacket for a while and I always thought it might be a very early Noble House reproduction of a Eric Hartmann jacket. There is just one small label inside the left breast area but nothing that actually says Nobel House. The assumption was mine thinking that it was made prior to the company adopting the NH name brand. It has nice Riri zips and is made from fairly robust cowhide . I’m hoping that one of our German speaking members might recognize this label and have some additional information that might identify the maker . Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Sorry Burt, saw these jackets a few times always from US based sellers..No idea who made them.


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Bekleidungsfabrik Habelt
(Garment-factory Habelt)

Crailsheim Württemberg
(NH is based in Ulm, not in Crailsheim)

year of manufacture 1944 / size 46

"Baujahr" and "Grosse" (not Größe or Grösse) kind if puts me off.
Pilot might well be on the correct track here by pointing to US makers.

Thomas Koehle

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definately not NH

never heard about that particular maker even though I'm located not that far from Crailsheim

after checking on the WWW i found some more labels - all from leather garment like Submarine-overall, Submarine pants, flight jackets ...

despite the more clean and unworn look of your label and the fact that the originals have been written with a typewriter it seems you got a repop but you claimed that already anyway

as for NH i can get in touch with the owner to ask him for details
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Agree with am:
Burt’s jacket is a repro for sure.
However, the cut and pattern are not bad.... much better than the ELC or NH patterns and cuts.
The color, the RiRi’s and the casted buckle are pure inventions by the creator of this jacket ( plus the orthography typos).
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Thomas, Brice and Bremspropeller
Thanks guys I appreciate your help with this. Strange that the company produces other types of repro military jackets and clothing but doesn’t have a company label or some type of branding other the “Garment Factory“
Thanks again guys!


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As an add on to what was stated earlier the label is a repro copy of a ww2 German company who did German flying gear. Mostly overalls 1938-1942. company Name is Habelt in the city of Crailsheim.
There was a Japanese company doing exactly this jacket in the late 90‘
Thanks to all of you for your help.